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    GSE Buyers & Ramp-Ops Conference

        14th-16th April 2014, Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin

     Registration and Welcome reception on 14th April at 19.00

    This year, the annual GSE Buyers & Ramp Ops Conference will be held in the city of Dublin, at the Irish capital’s illustrious Four Seasons Hotel. And 2014 will also see the launch of our sister event, the Airfield Operations Conference which will run in parallel between 14th and 16th of April. For more information on this event please click here.

    EVA International’s fourth GSE Buyers and Ramp Ops Conference will once again see senior figures in the world of GSE manufacturing and procurement come together with ramp operators to learn, discuss and network over the course of this industry-leading meeting.

    We will be covering popular topics such as the widely differing quality of infrastructure available airside (and the consequences for handlers), aircraft damage on the ramp and airport congestion with its impact on apron operations. In addition to considering the benefits of GSE leasing in relation to ownership and the value to a carrier of employing a specialised handler, the conference will also look at how the aviation industry on the ramp is changing and the pressures on it that are driving at least some manufacturers and users of GSE to reconsider their business models.

    Running alongside this well-established event will be the new Airfield Operations Conference, which takes a long look at how technology airside at the world’s airports is changing and how gateways are funding and managing that change. Other topics of discussion will include the environmental concerns that are effecting airport managers’ mindsets and how, in an age of rapidly increasing numbers of flights through almost all major gateways, we can continue to maintain an enviable industry safety record.

    We will also look at issues such as minimising noise at and above our airports, the demands posed by harsh winters when it comes to keeping aircraft flying, and the incredible challenges facing those tasked with maintaining operations at airport facilities that have begun to look and feel like small cities.

    The twin events are sure to attract the big names from the airside aviation industry, building on the first-class reputation of the annual GSE Buyers & Ramp Ops Conference.


    Chairman- Robert Powell, Ramp Services Manager, Aer Lingus 

    Welcome to the Emerald Isle or in Irish – “Failte go hEirinn”

    It will be an honour to welcome industry colleagues, peers and indeed friends to the lively city of Dublin, home of Aer Lingus, the national carrier of Ireland, this April for the GSE Buyers & Ramp Ops Conference.

    Now in its 4th year, this conference goes from strength to strength and following the success of Lisbon in 2013, I am excited to see what Dublin 2014 will deliver for the benefit of us all, networking and knowledge sharing across our industry.

    This year also sees innovation from EVA International in the way the conference will be structured, with three conferences under the same roof: GSE Buyers & Ramp Ops Conference, Airfield Operations Conference and the Preventing Aircraft Damage Conference. No matter for which conference you register and on which specific topic you are focused, you will be free to move between the three conferences, choosing the topics you wish to attend, creating a personalised event. Today we all find our roles overlap and interact closely and this initiative can only further enhance cross pollination of ideas and hard-won experience.

    From my perspective as Chairman of the GSE Buyers and Ramp Operations Conference, I am looking forward to the papers being presented by a wide range of industry experts. A subject in which I will be taking a close interest is the link between GSE manufacturers, users and airport infrastructure.  How can we all work together to mitigate against aircraft damage, in a way that achieves our OTP targets and creates a trouble-free travel experience for passengers (and not forgetting cargo), who are ultimately the end customer for all of us? It's a tough challenge so it’s a good job we can learn from our colleagues attending the other two events.

    Finally, let’s not forget after a long day of contemplation to enjoy a pint of the black stuff and enjoy the “craic”. It is true that Guinness tastes better in Dublin than anywhere else!

    Click here for the 2013 event website

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With consummate high-tech convenience, our room amenities include multi-line speakerphones with voicemail, a data port for high-speed Internet access, international satellite television and a DVD/CD player in every room.

The Four Seasons Hotel Dublin

Limited rooms available at the reduced rate of €160 per night (including breakfast). Book before the 15th March 2013 to secure your room.

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featured speakers
Robert Powell - Chairman
Ramp Services Manager, Aer Lingus 
Paul Drever
Manager Technical Standards & Compliance, Menzies Aviation

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